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Niccolae Calimbo 12/21/2018
I wish i have a money in 2019 and have a good grades and have a honor.
Ariyan simon Peters prasad 12/19/2018
I wish all my family and friends marry Christmas and a happy New Year
Geeta 12/18/2018
I wish to be peace and quiet for the world
Mrs Evelyn Agyei 12/17/2018
I wish everybody Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Alina 12/16/2018
i wanna a big toy bear like in a movie. he can speak. and i love my granny.
Alpana 12/16/2018
I wish my family will ALWAYS BE TOGETHER N HAPPY
Rahat 12/15/2018
Money bcoz before 2 year ago i fall in stairt dics gap l4 l5 i need money for my treatment that’s why
Su Kalyar Theint 12/15/2018
I wish I’ll be the one who makes my dad,mum,bro and fris happy and gives them strength.

I wish strength and courage to face and ... ➤ Read Wish
Nyein Htet Zaw 12/15/2018
I wish to get a relationship with the one who really love me. And want to pass days happily with that one.We’ll share our happiness or sadnesss.... ➤ Read Wish
Juliet 12/15/2018
Marry Christmas I wish the one I love to love me more than I do and more love and blessings in life
Ayreen Akter Tumpa 12/15/2018
I wise to get a gitter and a Laptop
& i also wise to get ssucces in life.
ANTHONIA 12/15/2018
I wish to get these for Christmas
Cash gifts.
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Niki 12/15/2018
I wish to get success in my life...and I also wish to get my family I lv them soo much...
Shine Bobo 12/14/2018
I wish is happy family
Nyein Htet Zaw 12/14/2018
I wish to get a person who love and care me as a boyfriend ..
Nyein Htet Zaw 12/14/2018
I wish to get money and love
Ram Sann 12/14/2018
I wish to get all the love of the world & a computer...
Ram Sann 12/14/2018
I wish to get all the love of the world. Thanks God..
Angelee Peter 12/14/2018
Love & Peace for everyone...❤✌
Marina 12/14/2018
I was a good good girl a whole year. Please give me a best gift ever.

Merry Christmas to all my folks!!!
Sabrina Johnson 12/14/2018
I wish to get a phone because this one that i have is malfunctioning.
Tusa 12/13/2018
I wish to be with Charles forever n spend each happy day with my family
Oter 12/13/2018
I wish you love me. yo ho ho santa
kitty 12/13/2018
i would love to get a fluffy puppy. boy. tnx
BORIS 12/12/2018
Whenever there is something that you wish with your life, but you can’t get because you don’t have cash or your folks won’t buy it f... ➤ Read Wish
Stewy 12/12/2018
i wish to get new car. my car is very old. if it’s possible - give me some money on NY celebration night.

CHEERS :)... ➤ Read Wish
Marry 12/11/2018
I would really like a chocolate color lop kitten and a collar for this kitten from fleas.

Thank you for reading this letter, say hello t... ➤ Read Wish
Sandra LA 12/11/2018
Wish to be happy! I want to cherish every single moment, and whole the new year 2017, to have an abundance of love
Roxan 12/11/2018
Merry Christmas to all and I really wish to all good people a long and happy life... Wish you enjoy a goodwill and friendship.... ➤ Read Wish