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New Year Countdown

for Sydney

Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:43:59 +1100


The New Year 2019 that is about to come.

When a young year enters the house, and the old one goes away - hide a fragile nowflake in the palm. Make a wish!

Look hopefully into the night. New Year Countdown is the best time to make a wish. Squeeze the hand, and all that was dreamed of - can come true. Believe and dream!

New Year 2019 will instantly fulfill your dreams if the snowflake does not melt in your palm, while the clock is striking 12!!!

New Year is knocking on the window. Soon the miracle will be completed.

Twelve times the clock strikes with a Pig to come in our life.

New Year 2019 Pig is good, big and generous.

Let New Year Countdown brings us a new happiness and peace!

New Year 2019 Pig